Because You're Ugly: Flat Sandals

One of the best things about the weather getting warmer again is throwing on a pair of comfortable sandals, a breezy dress, slinging a bag over your shoulder and heading out the door.

The always reliable ShopBop has an impressive array of sandals up for sale—just stay away from the terry cloth flip-flops—but most of them are going for $150 or more. Paying that much for thin strips of leather anchored to a sole that provides zero arch support just never made sense to me. So before you give into the high priced designer sandals, take a look at places like Urban Outfitters or even Nine West for cheaper alternatives that are just as cute.

Pictured here is Urban Outfitters' Triangle t-strap sandal for $34. Cheap, cute and much classier and more stylish than your ratty flip-flops. Also be sure to check out the Safari sandal and Nine West's Kimpact.


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