Because You're Ugly: Etsy Local Crafters--Handamade

No, your eyes do not deceive you—that is indeed an apple cozy.

Hand-knit by San Clemente-based Handamade, I can't exactly say fruit cozies—pear cozies and coffee cup cozies are also up for sale—are entirely necessary, but they sure are reeeeeeeal freaking adorable. The cozies might ward off a few bruises that could be suffered from, I don't know, a tumble or two, but they would probably just make for really great and inexpensive holiday gifts for your child's teacher.

The apple and pear jackets are $6 a pop and come in a variety of colors and fun button shapes. Coffee cup sleeves are $8. Be kind to your produce this fall!

Purchase your fruit cozies and coffee sleeves here at HandaMade's Etsy shop.


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