Because You're Ugly: Drop-Crotch Pants

Hammer popularized them in the late '80s—'cept his were made of glittery lamé or something—but drop-crotch pants have been attempting a comeback for a few years now.

Fighting against all standards of logic and discernment, even the top stylists seem to be all for these pants. Fashion beacon NYLON magazine recently featured them in their denim issue.

Avant-garde designer Yohji Yamamoto (Y-3), known for his flowing, oversized silhouettes, featured drop-crotch pants on his Spring 2006 runway that bore some vague similarities to evening gowns.

Creatures of Comfort, with their pricey but, er, comfortable digs had two pairs by Zucca on their site in May.

Hell, even H&M tried to cash in last spring.

Did it work?

Of course not. But that's okay. Drop-crotch pants, like this pair by Cheap Monday, are probably going to remain as one of those things that can only be pulled off by a few (you know, the ones who are already gorgeous and pretty and skinny and shit—they can do anything) while the rest of us suckers are rendered into tragedies that look like we took a dump in our pants.

(But really: If you're going to test these out—flat shoes, layered, loose, draping garments, you hear me?)

Because You're Ugly is Navel Gazing's new fashion feature. See more here.


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