Because You're Ugly: Crocs

It was revealed this morning that Crocs, possibly the world's ugliest footwear since the creation of Skechers, pose a threat on escalators.

The bright rubber clogs were tragically everywhere you looked this past year—rendering even grown men into victims—selling just over six million pairs, according to ABC News. But reports this morning say many Croc-wearers have had their shoes wedged in that tiny space on the side of escalators, often resulting in a bloody mess.

I'd laugh, but most of the victims have turned out to be children. Though, I guess, it's also important to note that escalators are kind of dangerous all around—not just to Croc wearers. Flip flops, loose dresses, pant legs, untied shoelaces are all capable of doing the same damn thing. Just stand in the middle of said escalators (like you're supposed to) and you'll be fine, kid.

But maybe you should leave the Crocs at home next time. Or, you know, just burn them or something.


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