Because You're Ugly: Breakthrough Backless

I've somehow managed to acquire several backless numbers—blouses, dresses, T-shirts—this past year and I still have trouble deciding what type of undergarments to wear with the things. Those adhesive backless bras never really worked for me—they itch and, worst of all, they shift.

But there's hope yet: the Breakthrough Backless Bra by Maidenform promises to provide a natural shape while remaining undetectable underneath clothing. The bra was invented by single mother Elaine Cato and was first seen on ABC's American Inventor. The Breakthrough Backless is now finally available for purchase on Maidenform's website for a reasonable $25. No word yet if it actually stays put, but it seems a lot more promising than double-sided tape, band-aids or uh, no bra at all.


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