Because You're Ugly: Blazers

Good news for fall: It's safe to bring out all those blazers you bought in 2003—just don't pair them with designer "vintage" tees or band shirts anymore.

While the classic fitted blazer is and always has been in style, the oversized blazer—think Denise Huxtable—is also back. Some even insist shoulder pads are cool again, but I still have my doubts. I'd suggest pairing oversized blazers with basic low-cut camis and keeping the bottom extremely tailored: Skinny jeans, a floaty dress, boots or flats. With such a trendy item, it's best to keep everything else as simple as possible.

Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang (the peeeerfect blazer pictured to the left) and 3.1 Philip Lim have their own pricey offerings, but for something that's bound to be a teeny blip on the style radar, I'd check out Top Shop's options instead.


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