Because You're Ugly: Black Friday, All the Time!

Because You're Ugly: Black Friday, All the Time!

If you're like us and your serious case of misanthropy is keeping you from lining up outside Target at 4 a.m. for the last Zhu Zhu Pet in the country, then you're in luck. is your one stop place for all Black Friday sale links and print ads... on one, convenient website. There are a few premature sales already happening this year, thanks to a slow economy and an effort to boost those much-needed holiday sales: MacMall, Amazon and Dell all have sales in progress going on RIGHT. NOW. So that's the good news.

And the bad? You now have exactly one month to find that fucking car your kid wants for her Zhu Zhu Pet, Mr. Squiggles (that you found on eBay marked up $100 over the retail price).

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