Because You're Ugly: Ben Sherman Five Decades

Iconic British labels PPQ and Ben Sherman have collaborated on a line called "Five Decades of Dresses," and the pieces are now available here in the States. Each dress in the range represents a different decade—and, of course, the music associated with that decade—from the '60s through the '90s.

You've got the '60s mod shift dress; the '70s rock paisley print shirt dress; the '80s ska houndstooth high-waisted skirt with a tartan blouse with gold buttons ("Ska and 2-tone meets Amy Winehouse"); the skintight striped '90s Britpop number that looks like something Damon Albarn would wear if he were a gal; and finally, the '00s ( that what it's called?) "horror indie" Victorian dress.

As predicted, the dresses representing the earlier decades are also the best looking—my picks being the shift dress and ska high-waisted skirt/blouse combo, but the looks don't go for cheap, unfortunately. Each dress will set you back $299.

Ben Sherman x PPQ "Five Decades of Dresses" can be purchased online at


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