Beach Break: Cheap Shots

Last night was the soft opening for Cheap Shots, a new bar in Long Beach. The décor was surprising considering the area, where most bars have Bud Light lamps hanging over coin-op pool tables.

Cheap Shots (don't let the name fool you) is actually quite classy. Rich dark wood compliments white leather couches, though the potential for upholstery-disaster seems high considering the prominence of red wine on the menu.

Intimacy is obviously the goal considering the burning candles and deep colors, but the prospect of a quiet, starry-eyed conversation is somewhat derailed by the loud hip-hop. The high-decibel DJ coupled with the "Best Knockouts Volume 2" DVD playing on the flatscreen seem a little better suited for the previously mentioned Bud Light billiards lighting. Cutting the music by about half, and throwing on a surf video would seal the deal on this otherwise gorgeous little tucked away spot.

Located at 4th and Alamitos, the bar is definitely a step up from other local establishments. It is a touch of upscale downtown without the drama or the cover charges. Alamitos Beach residents rejoice: your neighborhood has a secret new place – but it won't be a secret for long.

Cheap Shots' Grand Opening Saturday July 21 941 E. 4th St. Long Beach


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