Bayardo Cruz, Buena Park Doctor, Has License Revoked After Using Non-FDA Approved IUDs on Patients

California medical officials have revoked the license of a Buena Park-based obstetrician and gynecologist. The Medical Board of California upheld charges against Bayardo Cruz for Medi-Cal fraud and administering intrauterine devices (IUDs) unapproved by the Food and Drug Administration

Cruz operated a women's medical clinic in Los Angeles where the majority of his patients were recipients of Medi-Cal and Medicare. His practice included inserting IUDs, a form of birth control, into patients. He purchased each device, ParaGard T380A IUD, at wholesale price for approximately $300 to $400. Medi-cal partially reimbursed him for $250 per device. Cruz said he was losing money, according to court documents. 

That all changed when a local medical supply company, Universal Services, approached the doctor and offered him IUDs at a significantly lower cost of $30 per device. The company claimed the product was comparable to Paragard, but branded it under a different name; the devices were manufactured in Mexico and unapproved by the FDA. Cruz, however, took up the offer, and for every purchase of the $30 IUD, his office continued to bill Medi-Cal for the ParaGard version. Public records show that Cruz received reimbursements amounting to $38,321.12, and inserted 110 non-FDA approved IUDs in patients--the effects of which are unknown and haven't been reported. 

In May, 2009, Cruz pleaded guilty on the count of fraud, and the court ordered him to repay the $38,000 in victim restitution, along with a three-year probation sentence, and 150 hours of community service. 

Two years later, the state medical board's executive director, Linda K. Whitney, filed a formal complaint with the board seeking the revocation or suspension of the doctor's license. Cruz did not file a notice of defense to contest the accusation, and the board proceeded to revoke his license on July 3, 2012 after verifying the allegations.

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