Baseball Been Berry Berry Bad to Lariat

In case you missed the following letter down in the comments section after our item What Do Barry Bonds and Saddleback Ballplayers Have in Common?:

Kent Madole

5500 Irvine Center Drive Irvine, Calif.

Re: May 11 issue

Dear Coach Kent Madole,

In our effort to cover an issue of local, regional and national sports interest, we were apparently misled by sources to believe that coaches were aware of local athletes using banned steroids. We have since found out that this information is false. We sincerely apologize to the coaches and players.

As aspiring journalists, we should not have been more influenced by tight deadlines than balanced journalism and regret that we did not dig deeper into the story and get your opinion. Our effort to cover an important issue was not malicious and we apologize for any personal inconvenience it may have caused. We offer to publish letters from any and all affected parties on the next print date.

Thank you for your understanding and support,

signed Alexandra Baird,

editor in chief and the Lariat editorial board

cc: Kevin O'Connor, Dean, Liberal Arts


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