Barbara McClanahan, Barstow Deputy DA Accused of Threatening to Kill Boss, Reportedly Fantasized About Seal Beach Massacre

A deputy district attorney in Barstow arrested for threatening to murder her boss reportedly told a co-worker last October's Seal Beach shooting massacre was her "fantasy." Don't be surprised if Barbara McClanahan, who is diabetic, uses the low blood sugar defense. She is said to have told Barstow Police investigators that her blood sugar was low and she did not remember having raised the specter of the worst mass killing in Orange County history.

Also worth forgetting: McClanahan reportedly telling the same co-worker it would be easy to kill Supervising Deputy DA Julie Peterson by injecting her with a syringe full of insulin while the two were alone in an elevator at their Barstow County courthouse offices.

For her part, Peterson told the cops McClanahan was a problem employee.

Ya think?

McClanahan, who made bail after being arrested earlier this month at her Victorville home, has a March 8 court date, which should be easy to spot as it is now circled in red on the office calendar.


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