Coe, in center, with a fool and a deluded guy
Coe, in center, with a fool and a deluded guy

Barbara Coes Calls for the Deportation of Muslims, Says Muslims Train Mexican Drug Cartels

California Coalition for Immigration Reform head Barbara Coe has been on a non-Mexican racist run as of late. We talked about the revelation earlier this week that she told a Los Angeles Times reporter, "Go home, chink" nearly 20 years ago; now, in various rantings against Muslims, the godmother of the modern-day Know Nothing movement is calling for the deportation of Muslims from the United States, whether they're American citizens or not, and alleging Muslims are teaching Mexican drug cartels how to kill.

On July 23, Coe forwarded a speech by Dutch politician Geert Wilders (who is to the Netherlands for Muslims what Coe is to Mexis here) to her minions. "Who will behead American citizen 'infidels' first....the Muslims or the Mexican drug cartel killers (whom the Muslims have trained well)?" Coe wrote. "I am terrified for the lives of my kids and grandkids at the hands of these barbarians whom Imposter Obama WELCOMES into our communities!"

There have been reports that Hezbollah and other terrorist groups who happen to believe in a warped Islam have tried to sneak across the United States-Mexico border, but I've yet to hear reports of narcos receiving training from them. But Coe doesn't even bother with affixing "terrorist" to her claims against Muslims--mere "Muslim" will do for the hag.

It got worse. In a July 29 email, Coe forwarded an essay asking all to oppose the Muslim invasion but also urging tolerance and attempts to Americanize Islam. To that olive branch, Coe seethed, "AGREED that we must do ALL possible to halt this DEADLY effort to infiltrate our various institutions! However, since MUSLIMS subscribe to the teachings of the Koran - which is to torture/kill all non-believers - how do you suggest we 'Americanize' those who want us beheaded?"

Coe's advice: "My efforts will be to share the TRUTH about these cold-blooded terrorists, urge others to strongly OPPOSE the building of mosques [terrorist training camps], and urge SUPPORT of all efforts to get them DEPORTED to their country of origin where they can commit their barbaric Satanic acts at will."

And she calls herself a Christian. NICE.

Coe ended her anti-Muslim rant on Saturday rather subdued: she told minions that mosques teach people how to "abolish U.S. Constututional rights and enforce SHARIA law in the United States...torture/kill infidels (preferably behead Christians & Jews)...kill as many Americans as possible via terrorist attacks similar to the 9/11 massacre."

Okay, Muslims: us Mexis have combated this withered, nicotine-reeking woman for quite some time--when will the ummah join us in denouncing her?


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