Barbara Coe Ties National Council of La Raza To Notorious Salvadoran Gang

California Coalition for Immigration Reform head witch Barbara Coe keeps getting wackier and wackier. This week, she forwarded a press release to her Know Nothing nation about how National Council of La Raza presidents Janet Murguia was scheduled to testify before the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee about including homeowners as part of any bailout plan. Any reasonable person can disagree with Murguia, but Babs went balistic as usual.

"Isn't it enough that La Raza has ripped off millions of OUR tax dollars with the federal grants to them AND Obama appointed Cecilia Munoz as Director of Governmental Affairs, now WE are supposed to bail out all THEIR illegal alien criminals?" Coe screeched (the only person who can screech on a keyboard is Coe). "And what does it mean  Murguia will 'warn' Congress? What will she do if they don't agree - call out MS-13?"

Babs has her brownies mixed up. MS-13, of course, is the notorious Mara Salvatrucha gang, one made up exclusively of Central Americans (mostly Salvadorans) and one that fights Mexicans all the time. National Council of La Raza is the premier PC Mexican organization in the country. For Babs to insinuate NCLR can fall back on gang members to do their will is not only disgusting, but near libelous. Just another day in Babs' sick, demented mundo...


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