Barbara Coe Takes News of Osama bin Laden's Death to Claim (Again) Barack Obama is a Muslim

You'd figure that with the killing of Osama bin Laden by special forces who acted on the order of President Barack Obama that California Coalition for Immigration Reform head witch Barbara Coe might, for even a nano-second, have something nice to say about Obama. Or, at the very least, shut her shriveled, nicotine-laden mouth for a second and not spew something nasty about the president.

HA! The news wasn't even an hour old when Coe sent out a missive to her minions remind them that Obama is a Muslim.

"We are sure most of you heard Imposter OBAMA's speech tonight,

taking credit

for the death of OSAMA BIN LADIN [sic]," Coe wrote (as usual, all bizarre formatting is Coe's). "


! We hope, we pray that you did NOT believe him. OBAMA is a proven, radical pro-Islamic Muslim BUT will do/say ANYTHING to get re-elected. OBAMA has illustrated that he complies with Sharia Law - which demands

Misleading or Lying

(TAQIYYA) to promote the Koran's mandate to "torture, kill ALL non-Muslim 'infidels'. DUMP OBAMA (and his fellow-TRAITORS) or DIE! YOUR CALL!"

Hmm. Didn't Obama give the okay to the special forces to take out bin Laden? Didn't Obama cite those forces and their mission? Isn't Barbara Coe a raving lunatic? The answers to all three, dear readers, is YES!


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