Coe at her hysterical finest...
Coe at her hysterical finest...

Barbara Coe Suggests Gustavo Should Join CCIR, Knows Less about the English Language than a Mexican!

Nice to know that California Coalition for Immigration Reform head Barbara Coe reads our nearly-weekly dispatches about her dark, dark heart. On Friday, she sent out a missive to her minions railing against my post showing how she claims the Koran mandates a Mexican takeover of the United States.

"Be sure and check out Gustavo's most recent hate attack on me," Coe seethed. "It is pathetic he cannot even understand simple statements in English, but no matter."

Actually, Barbara: I understand English very well. I even know NOT TO ALWAYS USE CAPS like your nicotine-ravaged mind consistently uses in your letters. But even if you won't believe me, consider your statement, where your use of "mandates" as a noun instead of a verb turns your opinion that President Barack Obama is following the Koran by pushing for amnesty for illegal Mexicans into an assertion.

After her bad syntax, Coe turned stranger than usual.

"I hope you will join me in

thanking [Gustavo]

as every time he attacks me, more patriots join CCIR," Coe writes. "In fact, he is so effective, maybe we should ask him to be the CCIR Membership Chairman.  Whatcha think?"

LIES. I can no longer attend CCIR meetings like I used to, but my sources tell me the usual attendance for their monthly meetings haven't increased from their historical highs, not even in this age of Tea Party activism. Plus, CCIR's only true success story is nearly 20 years old: Proposition 187, which was later struck down in federal court as unconstitutional. Coe and her allies have desperately tried to resurrect 187 in various manifestations over the years, only to laughably fail again and again.

As to her question, and to paraphrase Groucho Marx: Sorry, Babs, but I would never belong to a club that would have YOU as a member.

*Special thanks to San Diego Minutemen head and OC native Jeff Schwilk for forwarding my initial Coe post to her. Over the weekend in an email exchange between the two of us, he called me "burrito breath" and "dick breath." REAL grownup there, Jeff!


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