Coe, with Hunt; the blob at the left is America's Most Corrupt® Sheriff, Joe Arpayaso
Coe, with Hunt; the blob at the left is America's Most Corrupt® Sheriff, Joe Arpayaso

Barbara Coe, Orly Taitz Claim Electoral Fraud in OC Sheriff Race Against Bill Hunt, Blame Sheriff "Hutchinson"

In addition to spawning Proposition 187, the Minuteman Project, and gads more evil shit into this world, let the record show that the California Coalition for Immigration Reform also birthed Orly Taitz, queen of the birfers. It ain't surprising, then, that CCIR head witch Barbara Coe--herself a birfer who also thinks President Barack Obama is a Manchurian Muslim--are now both claiming the same thing: that the recent election for Orange County sheriff was rigged so that Tea Party fave Bill Hunt was robbed, and a Sheriff "Hutchinson" would prevail.

Taitz: The ying to Coe's insane yang?
Taitz: The ying to Coe's insane yang?

In a June 8 email to her supporters, shortly after it became apparent that Hunt got his ass handed to him on Election Night despite his supporters insisting he would win outright, Taitz could not understand how the favored candidate of local Know Nothings could possibly have such an anemic showing at the polls.

"I noticed that in Orange county [sic] the leading candidate for sheriff was consistantly [sic] Bill Hunt. If you drive around OC, every minute, every corner, every yard you see the sign for Bill Hunt," Taitz wrote. "You will not find any yard signs for Sandra Hutchinson anywhere, yet the polling shows her leading by more then double digits. 56% for Hutchinson, 24% for Bill Hunt, 2o% for Greg Hunter. It is impossible."

By "Hutchinson," of course, Taitz meant incumbent sheriff Sandra Hutchens, whom she also called the candidate of the New World Order; by "Greg," she meant Craig Hunter, who came in third in the race.

Coe, of course, agreed with everything Taitz had to say. In a June 10 email to her minions, she wrote, "I have already offered my opinion: 'Rigged' voting machines, a corrupt 'bought & paid for' candidate (Hutchinson) & possibly false 'vote counting' by corrupt O/C election officials." Hutchens--who Coe previously called in another email an "anti-American SCUM traitor," a Democrat (Hutchens is a registered Republican), and misspelled her names as "Hutchins" TWICE--is the establishment candidate, according to Coe, which should come as news to Red County, Mike Schroeder, and the rest of the GOP.

With supporters like these, now you know why Hunt lost. Surround yourself with sane folks next time, Bill!


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