Barbara Coe on Obama: "It's time to STAND UP & BE COUNTED - OR - DIE"

We already knew that California Coalition for Immigration Reform head witch Barbara Coe doesn't like President-elect Barack Obama, going so far as to compare him to Hitler. But, boy oh boy, does Barry have her goat! To the left (natch) is a doctored photo Babs sent around to CCIR's mailing list before the Thanksgiving holiday. Let the weathered, chain-smoking xenophobe take it to the bridge:

This ONE PICTURE of President-Elect BARAK OBAMA & his goals "says it all" to WELL VERSED American Patriots who truly CARE about saving the sovereignty of of our beloved America AND protecting the very lives of loyal, law-abiding Americans!

Barb Coe - CCIR

PS:  Brain-Dead ("I'd rather watch the ball game") American adults AND Brain-Washed American youth ("but my professor said...") need NOT bother to open this email.  You are obviously too STUPID to even comprehend "It's time to STAND UP & BE COUNTED  - OR - DIE"

How much you wanna bet Babs' Thanksgiving dinner went through the hands of at least one illegal?


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