Barbara Coe on Lou Dobbs' Resignation: It's Also Obama's Fault

So legendary liar Lou Dobbs quit his CNN show last night, and the expected reactions are flowing in: Aztlanistas rejoice, Know Nothings rail. The campaign against Dobbs was very much a La Raza conspiracy, but California for Coalition Reform head Barbara Coe is also pointing a gnarled, cigarette-stained, deluded finger at President Barack Obama.

"Believe what you wish," Coe told her minions last night in an email. "However, in my opinion, Obama and La Raza are primary suspects and I hope and pray that FOX NEWS has the courage to hire him and keep him on the air - sharing TRUTH with ALL Americans! She also added this disgusting postscript:

If Islamic terrorist NIDAL HASAN recovers from his wounds suffered as he MURDERED 13 American servicemen/women in cold blood, perhaps OBAMA will mandate that HE be the host of this portion of the CNN show, with CAIR and LA RAZA as co-sponsors.

Sadly, that's one of the least-craziest remarks Babs has ever made. Anywoo, some of Dobbs' worst hits!


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