O'Reilly: Now on Coe's shit list, which makes him somewhat more tolerable...
O'Reilly: Now on Coe's shit list, which makes him somewhat more tolerable...

Barbara Coe Now Against Bill O'Reilly Because He's Not a Birther

In the twisted, irrational world of the Know Nothings, egos and out-and-out weirdness will create foolish, unwarranted rivalries that inevitably lead to the group's downfall. Here in Orange County, of course, you have Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist against former friend and California Coalition for Immigration Reform founder Barbara Coe, who's friends with San Diego Minuteman head goon Jeff "I'm Hispanic" Schwilk, who's friends with homophobic ALIPAC head William Gheen, who hates Coe and on and on...

Where are we going with this? Usually, all the sides are in agreement about FOX News, but Coe has come out with hatred toward a most-unlikely pundit: Bill O'Reilly.

In a April 16 email to her minions, Coe took exception to O'Reilly's recent dismissal of the Birfer movement, of which Babs is a proud member along with insisting President Barack Obama is a Manchurian Muslim

and wishing the swine flu on him

. "We do not know if O'Reilly was 'bought & paid for' or threatened," Coe typed from her nicotine-stained fingers. "However, since he chooses to NOT reveal the reason for his 'pro-Obama' position, hopefully he will be soon join Lou Dobbs in the 'pool of oblivion.' Patriot reporters are always remembered - cowards are soon forgotten."

Far from me to defend O'Reilly, but he's hardly "pro-Obama." Just because he doesn't support a lunatic conspiracy, that makes him a coward, Babs? Maybe you should ask your beloved Allan Mansoor next week whether he believes Obama was born in the United States--methinks you'll find another "coward" to despise!


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