Barbara Coe Now a Birther--Hooray!

Barbara Coe Now a Birther--Hooray!

As if California Coalition for Immigration Reform head Barbara Coe couldn't get any more out of the mainstream--and if we've done anything in our years at this rag, it's to show that Babs is one of the vilest people to ever live in Orange County (think about that for a bit)--there's this: Coe is a Birther!

In an e-mail sent yesterday to her minions, Coe forwarded an email with a link to CNN liar Lou Dobbs ranting about President Barack Obama and wondering if he was, indeed, born in the United States (with a shout-out to Queen Bee Birther Orly Taitz). "It is great that LOU DOBBS is addressing this issue," Coe wrote.

Why the mainstream media still treats Coe as a rational voice in the Know Nothing movement is beyond me and is an indictment of how lazy most reporters are. We, on the other hand, bring you the unvarnished, hilarious truth regarding Babs. Now, let the ad hominems begin...

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