Barbara Coe Continues To Hate Muslims--And Now, Sikhs?!

This month's meeting of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform promises to be a blast, and not just because it's always a funhouse whenever CCIR head Barbara Coe (recently described by frequent commentator Baxter as "a spent cigarette butt with arms"--HILARIOUS) opens her gnarled mouth. Muslim activists have finally heeded our call and plan to protest Babs and her Know Nothings for their Muslim-hating ways because of the meeting's scheduled topic: "The Deadly Threat of Islam to America." Throw in a couple of Mexicans in the mix, and you very well may see CCIR's geriatric membership have heart palpitations! Join the fun on Wednesday, Jan. 28, at 7:30 p.m. at the Garden Grove Women's Club, 9501 Chapman Ave., Garden Grove. Members get in for free; non-members $5, no Mexicans need apply.

You know who should also protest Babs? Sikhs--you know that religion where everyone's last name seems to be Singh and the men can't cut their hair and thus always wear a turban and sport a fabulous beard. Earlier this week, a Sikh woman in Houston sued the IRS because they wouldn't let her carry a ceremonial knife (per the tenets of her faith) to work. Woman's totally legal--a citizen, even. Yet that didn't stop Coe from sending off an email to her coven attacking the woman with the following couplet. Caps, as always when it involves Coe, in the original:

There is one SIMPLE reply/action to foreign invaders who REFUSE to comply with AMERICAN laws:  DEPORT!  DEPORT!   DEPORT!  They are free to practice their "faith" in THEIR country of origin!

Fuck religion freedom, right, Babs? See you Wednesday the 28th!


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