Barbara Coe Continues to Believe in Discredited "Doctor"

If I was given a penny for every time California Coalition Immigration Reform head Barbara Coe passed off lies as truths, I'd be richer than Henry T. Nicholas pre-government investigation and Don Bren pre-recession combined. Her latest gaffe proves probably better than ever why Coe's nicotine-stained brain is blacker than her heart. In the same email where Coe tells followers to avoid ethnic restaurants, she forwarded an article written by one Madeleine Cosman about how illegals are shutting down hospitals and bringing in infectious diseases in epidemic proportions that Know Nothings have repeated ad nauseum as truth. The truth? Read my column on Cosman. You know a source ain't good when even Lou Dobbs distanced himself from it.

We post pictures of Babs all the time; howzabout some video?


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