Barbara Coe Claims DREAM Act Will Lead to Death of ALL Americans

I think that if someone were to show Barbara Coe a Mexican illegal immigrant who graduated from college and is going on to graduate school--in other words, an illegal that has scholastically accomplished more than she can even comprehend--the head witch of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform would spontaneously erupt in flames. See, she cannot comprehend the simple fact that kids brought to this country at a young age without their papers are culturally American, much more so than Coe and her brood. No, in her mind, they are medieval monsters as hideous as her--at least that's what she wrote last week.

In an email sent last Friday to her minions, Coe railed against the DREAM Act, which would create a path for legalization for millions of young people (not just Mexican) if they attend college or join the military. "Passage of the DREAM Act for ILLEGAL ALIENS is passage of the DEATH Act for ALL law-abiding Americans," Coe railed. "If you care at all about YOUR loved ones, YOU will work tirelessly to insure [sic] this legislation is DEFEATED!"

Really, Babs? DEATH? Still believing that long-disproved lie that illegal immigrants kill 25 Americans a day? Actually, she just wrote that this morning! Why so angry toward Dreamers? Sad that they speak better English than you?


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