Barbara Coe Calls the VFW "Traitors" for Supporting Barbara Boxer

Always-classy Barbara Coe, head of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform, is seemingly hell-bent on alienating every possible American group that doesn't subscribe to her nicotine-addled vitriol. Her latest target? The Veteran of Foreign Wars, perhaps the most-respected, mainstream veteran's group in the country.

Coe is angry because a VFW PAC endorsed California Senator Barbara Boxer in her current election campaign, a move that sparked mucho controversy--and complete insanity by Coe.

"I will NEVER send them another penny and regret the $ I sent them in the past!" Coe screeched in an Oct. 16 email to her minions. "I don't care if they are vets...they are obviously 'brain-dead' & NOT patriots!" In a follow-up email, Coe ranted, "The VFW scum who support 'hate America' BOXER in exchange for their 'tax-free status' are TRAITORS who hold the very LIVES of their comrades who fought & died for OUR freedom, in CONTEMPT!"

Coe frequently surrounds herself under the mantle of veterans and claims the mistreatment of a World War II vet took her on the path of anti-immigration, a tale I call bullshit on.


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