Barbara Coe Applauds Harassment, Intimidation of Census Workers

Barbara Coe Applauds Harassment, Intimidation of Census Workers

California Coalition for Immigration reform head Barbara Coe frequently whines about Mexicans harassing her disgusting minions, so much to the point that her group used to offer self-defense classes a couple of years ago. You'd expect such a supposed, vulnerable victim to not wish their pain on anyone else, but when it comes to Coe, "consistency" is about a foreign a value to her as a nicotine-free day.

Last Tuesday,

Coe sent along to her email list a Washington Post article

regarding the harassment of U.S. Census workers. Needless to say, Coe rejoiced.

While she did cry crocodile tears (and you know those secretions traveled a longer path than normal given Coe's withered skin) by stating she was "sad that some census takers were injured," Coe quickly dropped the heart-transplant charade.

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"However, when one agrees to represent the goal of an IMPOSTER TRAITOR, posing as OUR U.S. President, it is their choice & their responsibility to deal with the consequences," Coe sneered on her keyboard. "We hope this is a good 'America First object lesson' to the heretofore politically 'brain dead'! Let's hope they learned it well."

One of the Census workers lost the use of two fingers after having been attacked by pit bulls.

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