Barbara Coe: Andrew Breitbart Murdered by Obama "Goons"

Barbara Coe: Andrew Breitbart Murdered by Obama "Goons"

I never thought much of Andrew Breitbart, the conservative media mogul who died this month. He didn't deserve the hagiographies printed about him (his schtick was funnier when Michael Moore did it, or--if you want to stay conservative--William F. Buckley), but he also wasn't Satan: it's good that he gave the lamestream media the willies. Us in the alt-weekly galaxy? Been there, done that.

But for wackjobs like California Coalition for Immigration Reform head Barbara Coe, Breitbart was Jesus.

And that's why she claims President Barack Obama had Breitbart murdered.

Earlier this week, out of nowhere, Coe blurted to her minions via her email list, "I also believe that BREITBART was murdered by OBAMA goons." In other emails, she's forwarded articles claiming that a CIA heart attack gun did the job.

Where's the death certificate, Babs?

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