Barbara Coe And Friends Use Adenhart Tragedy to Troll for New Members to CCIR
Was CCIR head once a Chinese singer?

Barbara Coe And Friends Use Adenhart Tragedy to Troll for New Members to CCIR

As Clockwork Coker inadvertently showed in his post on the death of Anaheim Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and his friends caused by some dipshit drunk driver, the Know Nothing nation will seize any opportunity to bash Mexicans and exploit any tragedy if it means furthering their cause. Last Thursday, San Diego Minutemen head Jeff Schwilk sent out an email to folks asking they try to confirm the immigration status of killer Andrew Thomas Gallo. "If he is by chance a previously deported illegal alien, this will be HUGE for our cause (font flourishes in the original)," Schwilk frothed. That led to another chain email by Barbara Coe, head witch of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform. Font flourishes in the original (quick aside: why do Know Nothings love CAPS, UNDERLINED WORDS, AND BOLD for their screeds?):

"WHY does mainstream media REFUSE to report it? Is GALLO an illegal alien OR an "Anchor Baby" of an illegal alien? We hope that Angel fans will join other patriots and DEMAND the TRUTH!   WE deserve to know if yet ANOTHER law-abiding American was MURDERED by an drunken illegal alien criminal!

Oh, Coe! Don't you pay attention to the media? Although Gallo's grandma speaks Spanish, his uncles were speaking English. And, as a proud member of the Reconquista, I'll let you know that wabs don't start using English names for their kids until the third generation--you know, those long removed from immigration? So, not only is Gallo not illegal, nor an anchor baby, he's probably more assimilated and American than the average Know Nothing. With Gallo's legal status now set, watch Coe, Schwilk and their followers now shift the blame to Gallo's Latino ethnicity, which proves these pendejos are as bigoted as Jenn.


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