Bald Eagle "Challenger" to Arrive in OC Today

Presented by Life Changing Lives founders Glenn and Mindy Stearns, the event raises money for various Orange County charities.

Challenger's part in the show will involve leaving the arm of his handler Al Cecere at the beginning and flying over the audience before and landing on the arm of astronaut Charlie Duke as emcee Roy Firestone announces, "The eagle has landed!"


Among the other "celebrities" scheduled to join Challenger are American Idol Bo Bice, Elliott Yamin, Brooke White and unnamed Sopranos cast members. Astronaut Charlie Duke, Sugar Ray Leonard and Tibor Rubin are Life Changing Lives' award recipients this year.

Cared for by the nonprofit American Eagle Foundation, the non-releasable bald eagle will have arrived in OC from Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. He's performed all over the country since being blown from a wild nest as a baby during a storm in 1989, being raised by humans and nearly dying during at least one of two failed efforts to re-enter him into the wild.


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