Bad Car-ma

We appear to be having some sick contest here at the Weekly. The working title: "Who can get the worst thing done to their vehicle?"

Intern Conor Izzett started it two weeks back when a tire popped on his pickup, costing him office hours and sanity. Editor Ted Kissell's car followed suit, having him drive all over town for a replacement tire Friday.

News & Investigations Editor Nick Schou's P.T. Cruiser was robbed on a Long Beach street over the weekend. Some asshole is now one iPod and two box sets richer. Nick would like his briefcase back, por favor.

Reporter Derek Olson's car story takes the cake, though. Sitting at a traffic light in the wee hours of the morning last week, a drunk driver smashed into him, taking off a chunk of his hood. The man fled on foot. Then the cops had the wreck towed to an impound lot instead of Derek's pad two blocks from the scene — costing him more than $200.

Perhaps avoiding 17th and Main in Santa Ana till the "bad juju" leaves the building would be a good idea, fair readers. Unless, of course, you're this serial comment-leaving jerkwad.


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