Baby You Can Drive My Car

Huntington Beach-based Best Chauffeured Worldwide has introduced a new service where they will provide a driver to take you to work, on your errands and anywhere else you may want to go.

All you have to do is supply the car.

"Thank you, Miss Daisy . . ."

Baby You Can Drive My Car

"The new service allows clients to make a reservation to hire a private chauffeur to drive their personal or company owned vehicle," goes the sales pitch. "Reservations can be made for a minimum of three hours of service, or for as long as you need it. This unique experience will be available all over Southern California."

Best Chauffeured claims its service costs "a fraction of the price of a limousine," and when you consider there is no overhead--let alone head liner--it's small wonder.

"iRide provides a cost-effective option for the consumer seeking an upscale individual transportation service," they go on. "Developed for the needs of anyone, from business executives to friends enjoying a night on the town, iRide is designed to be a practical and reliable way to travel."

While someone else tries to avoid getting into an accident in your car, just sit back and send emails, talk on the phone or close your eyes and relax--you know, the things you normally do while driving anyway.

Speaking of which, what a great service for booze hounds! Can we call ourselves Arthur and the iRide driver Bitterman?

"Creating the iRide service was a natural fit," said Best Chauffeured president and CEO Robert Vaughan, not to be confused with The Man From U.N.C.L.E. presumably. "Clients were regularly requesting a personal chauffeur service so it just made sense for us to offer it to everyone."

If you'd like it offered to you, visit, or call 866.323.BEST to make reservations.


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