Baby, It's Warm Outside

The Inconvenient Truth is on its way to becoming the box-office champeen of documentaries (pound sand, Michael Moore!). Orders are already brisk for the DVDs that won't be out until November. However, because Truth starred Satan's spawn Al Gore, there's a good chance many holy rollers skipped it and headed into whatever anti-Semitic Mel Gibson "Christian" movie was playing at the time. Well, fear not, Samson and Delilah: there is a new global-warming documentary coming that's especially for lovers of the Good Book. Evangelicals--yep, the same folks credited for putting Bush in the White House and keeping gays out of the wedding chapel--are behind this month's screenings of The Great Warming, which is intended to mobilize religious groups around climate change in time for midterm elections. The environmental Grist online magazine pointed us to this quote by pastor Joel Hunter: "[T]here is no doubt about the mandate of scripture here. We need to do what we can to care for the Earth." Hunter's views are supported by a July Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life survey that found that more than 70 percent of people of faith polled believed that global warming is a real danger. Reuters has the full Great Warming story.

Meanwhile, a separate Grist item links to reports (here and here, too) on a stunning conclusion by scientists: man-made global warming is the cause of rising ocean temperatures, which are the cause of ever-more killer hurricanes. Who woulda thunk it!?! And here we were certain that G-d was the one cooking the seas and churning up hurricanes to get back at us for Janet Jackson's televised boobage.


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