Baby Hewie's Website Approaches Bizarro World

Hugh Hewitt will stop at nothing to ensure that Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama fails to become America's president. He's hawking a pamphlet titled "Letter to a Young Obama Supporter" (I'd love to review it, but no way in hell I'm giving Hewie moolah) and blogging incessantly about the Illinois senator. Hell, Hewie's even allowed his own writers on, where Hewie serves as executive editor, to smear his old boss, Richard Nixon.

In an email sent out today by, columnist Richard H. Collins throws a plug for a website of his that bashes Obama. Interestingly enough, there's a graphic on this page that has Obama morphing into Nixon. "In true Nixonian style, Sen. Barack Obama’s paranoid website links a list of political enemies that are allegedly conducting a covert internet campaign against him," Collins' email claims. "Obama may be thinking he is JFK but he is acting like Dick Nixon, completely paranoid."

Absolutely stunning. Baby Hewie is amongst the most notorious of Nixon's apologists, the man who proposed banning journalists that didn't meet Dick's criteria from visiting Yorba Linda's Nixon Library. For him to allow a writer under his watch to smear Nixon either shows Hewie's come to grips with his old boss's many warts, or that Hewie doesn't give a damn about throwing bodies on the rails of the Obama Express. We choose the latter--absolutely stunning.


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