Ross, at left, with César Chávez
Ross, at left, with César Chávez
Photo courtesy of Fred Ross, Jr.

Axioms for Organizers, Collection of Sayings by Legendary Community Organizer Fred Ross, to Be Released This Month!

Earlier this summer, legendary community activists Fred Ross, Sr. was finally inducted into the California Hall of Fame. Ross, you may have heard your pinko commie friends once say, was a titan of civil rights in California, mentoring a young César Chávez, helping to orchestrate the rise of Latino power in East Los Angeles, and even scoring some victories in Orange County before vendidos ran him out of town at the behest of their gabacho overlords. Awesome, awesome guy.

A ceremony for Ross and other inductees (which this year include Joan Didion, Francis Ford Coppola, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) is scheduled for October in Sacramento. In the meanwhile, Ross' son, union organizer Fred Ross, Jr., is prepping an e-book of his dad's sayings.

Titled Axioms for Organizers, it'll have some of Ross' favorite sayings, photos, a bio, and an introduction by Robert Reich. Stay tuned on where you can get it at this page. And if you're from OC, make sure to buy extra copies or 30 to make up for the embarrassment that is Latinos here booting out BUY BUY BUY!

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