Awesome O.C. Mexican/Screw Know Nothings Quote of the Day!

I never did give a review of last month's panel discussion about legendary Chicano artists Sergio O'Cadiz and Emigdio Vasquez at the Fullerton Public Library, but it was great--over 40 people in attendance for an event promoted solely by this infernal rag. Fullerton College professor Jerry Padilla waxed poetic about his pal Vasquez, while UC Irvine researcher Dr. Maria del Pilar O'Cadiz did a slide show about her father's work.

On one of the slides, there was a quote O'Cadiz gave to the Los Angeles Times that shall forever stand as one of the great chinga tu madre quotes to the lords of Orange County EVER.

To wit:

"My idea of America is the right to be as Mexican as I want."

WOW! Imagine if an artist said that today! Half of Orange County would fry on the spot!

Stay tuned later this year, insha'Allah, for a cover story on this criminally unknown master...

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