Attention, Defenders of Tan Nguyen

Many of you, including KFI-AM 640's garrulous JohnKen and idiot John Ziegler (we'll never forgive Ziegler for his unceremonious swipe at us Coast to Coast listeneners) keep insisting Tan "Hate The Republicans, Love their Candidacy" Nguyen had a legitimate reason to send out his infamous letter to Latino voters because everyone knows 47th Congressional District incumbent Loretta Sanchez stole the 1996 election from Bob Dornan with the help of illegals.

Conduct your Google searches better, pendejos. Find the Weekly's 10-year anniversary issue. Read the first blurb, where we recount how Moxley laid that myth to rest quickly. Then find all the articles Moxley did on the matter. Thank you.


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