Atheists To Cut-and-Paste Bibles Saturday

Atheists will be tearing a page from the Bible Saturday near Huntington Beach Pier.

No, that does not mean they'll be borrowing a deed from the Good Book to apply to modern life.

They'll be tearing actual pages out of the Bible "to make a point."
Bruce Gleason of Backyard Skeptics explains that nearly all Christians agree with his fellow atheists that the immoral laws written in the Bible should not be used in today's society. So, Backyard Skeptics members will be tearing those verses out of the book.

Atheists To Cut-and-Paste Bibles Saturday

America's founding father and third president Thomas Jefferson did so, and his Jefferson Bible filled with cut and pasted verses came in at only 88 pages, Gleason notes.

"Many Christians feel the Bible is inerrant and has no contradictions or immoral passages," Backyard Skeptics note. "Most Christians have not read the Bible or can even recite the Ten Commandments.  A recent Pew poll indicated that atheists know more about the Bible than Christians do."

The stunt will be pulled by what's claimed to be the largest group of non-theists in Orange County at 2 p.m. Saturday at Huntington Pier.

It'll probably be mere steps from where a weekend preacher shouts biblical verses at passersby.


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