Atallah "Alibaba" Abdallah, Produce Market Owner, Accused of Raping Sales Rep in Her Costa Mesa Office

Atallah "Alibaba" Abdallah, Produce Market Owner, Accused of Raping Sales Rep in Her Costa Mesa Office

A sales rep says a major produce market client brutally raped her in her Costa Mesa office and then tossed a $100 bill at her and told her to "Buy some pills" to terminate any pregnancy that might result from his having ejaculated inside her. The bombshell allegations against Atallah "Alibaba" Abdallah, the owner of Dogwood's Marketplace in Monrovia and Vine Ripe Farmers Market in La Mesa, are contained in a lawsuit filed in Orange County Superior Court seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages for sexual battery, false imprisonment, assault, sexual harassment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The woman, who is unnamed because she is an alleged sexual assault victim, is represented by lawyer David Drexler of Sherman Oaks. She is suing Abdallah and his businesses.

She claims she had a strictly professional relationship with the 45-year-old produce market owner, having sold him "hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of food products." She claims the rape happened after they attended a business meeting in July 2010. Afterward, she alleges, he showed her a knife and threatened to hurt her and her children if she told anyone about the rape.

The woman says she filed a police report accusing Abdallah of rape and, about a month later, obtained a restraining order against him, claiming the judge "found that the order was based on a credible threat of violence by defendant."

Despite the rape, the woman claims in the complaint that she had a difficult time terminating their business relationship because she had sold Abdallah hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of food products--and he still owed her money.

The suit contends Abdallah, who could not be reached for comment, knew he had the upper hand in this regard, which is why he allegedly assaulted the woman.

Portions of her complaint, first reported by Courthouse News Service, follow on the next page:

At approximately 5:00 p.m., on or about July 14, 2010, plaintiff and defendant Abdallah returned to plaintiff's office in Costa Mesa, California. Plaintiff stopped in the front reception room to check the mail. Defendant proceeded to the conference room and secretly disrobed. Plaintiff could not see defendant until she entered the conference room.

Plaintiff entered the conference room, and defendant Abdallah immediately attacked her. Plaintiff saw defendant standing naked with an erection and saw a knife on the conference room table. Plaintiff was paralyzed with shock. Defendant grabbed plaintiff with force and pushed her onto the conference room table on her back. Plaintiff began pleading for defendant to stop, and began hysterically crying. Plaintiff did not consent to any of this.

Defendant Abdallah covered plaintiff's mouth with his hand to prevent her from further yelling out.

Plaintiff did not consent to any of the acts taken by defendant Abdallah, as described herein.

Defendant Abdallah kept one hand pushed down on plaintiff's mouth, and with his other hand, defendant forcibly spread plaintiff's legs, shoved her dress up towards her hips and ripped plaintiff's panties away. Defendant violently shoved his erect penis inside of her vagina and proceeded to rape her. Plaintiff did not consent to the rape.

Although plaintiff attempted to cry out during defendant's assault, he prevented her from doing so by pushing his hand on her mouth.

Defendant repeatedly raped plaintiff, disregarding her tears and efforts to protest his actions and plead with him to stop. Defendant ultimately ejaculated inside of her.

Plaintiff did not consent to any of this.

After he completed his sexual assault, defendant threw a $100 bill at plaintiff and told her to "buy some pills" to terminate any pregnancy resulting from his ejaculating inside her.

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