Any reader of our Letters page knows we have been inundated with comment on R. Scott Moxley's coverage of the Haidl rape trial. We've run at least one letter regarding the trial every week for some time and, the fact is, we could have filled the whole section each week with Haidl mail (but then what would we do with all the Rich Kane/Gustavo Arellano hate mail?) Instead, we've chosen to run excerpts from the more than 50 letters waiting to see the printed page; letters that range in literary quality but are uniform in their disgust of the justice system and hatred of defense attorney Joseph Cavallo, AKA "assclown." The letters come from all over the United States and a wide socio/political persuasion: law-and-order types who demand the death penalty for the Haidl gang and feminists who, well, pretty much want the death penalty too.

These "boys" would fit in well over at Abu Ghraib prison … How can Haidl be tried by a jury of his peers? The court would be hard pressed to find people who are as big of monsters … It got me off real good. You should look into writing erotic stories because that was intense … The act of the son is an example of the parenting of the father, who's probably an even worse person than he raised, since his tack is not to hold his son accountable, but to get him off and evade making his son take responsibility for this heinous and sociopathic crime … Thanks for putting the story in the limelight and thanks for sticking your neck out to do it … I've just read many of your articles on this case and I am amazed that such things can still happen. Orange County must be a scary place to live with such corruption … Please keep up the good work, I look forward to hearing these bastards get life in prison. Hopefully along with the father … If the defense wins this case, the largest snowball fight in Hell's history will break out … So, these ex-friends have now conveniently changed their stories to fit the defense's case--the jury should see that THESE tarts are lying … She may be a slut, but if she is, the boys are too … I have to turn to a weekly publication to get the truth! Back in my detective'n days I would have kept a photo of young Hidal type on my desk to suggest to hard core ex-con types, "Why ain't you confessin'? Look at all the young and tender stuff waiting for you in the joint" … Obviously they deserve stiff sentences and the things rumored to happen in general prison population sans the convenience of being drugged unconscious … I don't see how people can actually sit through this stuff and not want to punch the defense team … This may seem biased, but it seems to me that defense attorney Joe Cavallo and his conduct mentioned in your article are the clearest signs of the impending fall of Western civilization … I appreciate the way you portray the sleazeball attorney Cavallo … A good bitch slapping of Cavallo would help him understand life. Maybe a trip to the pool table would help him with his thoughts … It makes me sick, it makes me cry and on occasion, it makes me scream … I've told the Register that if they really intend to provide a service to the community, they should take a gander at your work … I'm gonna reprint your Haidl article in its whole in my blog. Sue me if you want ... I am shocked that someone could actually defend these fuckers … What does it take in a rape case to be over the line … How can a guy like Cavallo live with himself … Real men do not rape. Real men do not defend rape … I, like most of my friends, felt physically ill when I read about what transpired on the video of the alleged gang rape … I am a 21-year-old college student from Michigan , and I read your articles on the Haidl rape trial on the Internet and I'm nauseated by what I read I can tell you that even in Mississippi, where I reside now, people are shocked at the antics of Cavallo … He wants to know "Is a pool stick bigger than a penis?" I'm not at all surprised he has to ask this question. Any man who treats a 16-year-old rape victim like that obviously is a coward and doesn't have one … Is this the justice and legal system the USA wants to export to the Middle East … Cavallo = scum-sucking dirt bag … Cavallo is an assclown … A scumbag like Cavallo deserves to be ass-fucked by someone with a "penis" much "larger than a pool cue" … Cavallo should burn in hell … The defense team is so evil. Please investigate if they are human … My only wish is that each one of these young animals get some prison time and be put in a cell with BUBBA as a cell mate … As a lawyer who on occasion handles criminal law defense cases, I am appalled by this outrageous and blatantly fabricated defense … These assholes need to go to jail for a long, long time … I am an attorney and the defense's tactics make me sick … You captured the gut-wrenching filth present in this case as best as the written word probably can … I don't know whether to thank you or feel bad for you, having to write about this … I enjoy your writing style. Can't wait for the book.

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