Ass-Whuppin Time in Laguna

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About 10 days ago, a friend and I were visiting your beautiful town of Laguna Beach. We're from San Diego, where I live in a rather conservative area of town. I'm a homeowner and an openly gay, taxpaying, contributing member of my community. I have never been hassled in my neighborhood for being gay.

But in just 24 hours in Laguna Beach, we observed three incidents of anti-gay harassment by teenage boys driving through the town. I can't say that they were all Orange County residents, but in every case, they were white kids driving very nice cars whose license-plate frames listed Orange County dealerships. In one case, the kids slowed down near a gay bar and yelled out crude epithets at individuals outside. In another, two ignorant kids drove up next to our car and yelled, "Faggots!" and other crude terms.

It's time you wake up and realize that many of your angels are in fact the kids engaging in this despicable behavior. This is not a victimless crime. You need to examine what is causing them to act this way. Are they acting out your views on homosexuality or minorities in general? Or are they acting out because you are too afraid to even talk about these issues with them?

It's certainly past due for you to teach your kids about tolerance, love and respect for all humans. I suggest you do it—before I do.


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