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Bergman Oral Care has announced the retail introduction of its unique, patented and innovative hand-held flossing device, FlossBrite. FlossBrite is the world's only single-handed, self-contained flossing device, with easy floss advance and tensioning right in the handle.

In 1993, Mark Bergman, an astute inventor and successful entrepreneur, whose background is in architectural design, engineering, construction and management, asked himself, "Who says flossing has to be difficult and boring." His propensity for finding effective, economical solutions to complex problems became the driving force behind FlossBrite.

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Bergman's mission was to capture a worldwide market niche with a fun and easy, innovative, safe and effective flossing device that demonstrated integrity, contributed to the common good, altered old flossing habits, and ushered in a new, higher level of oral hygiene and dental awareness.

With FlossBrite, virtually anyone can floss like a pro. FlossBrite is a plastic-molded toothbrush-shaped, disposable flosser that comes in a multitude of hot, techno-colors, sophisticated hues and cool kid's colors and promises not to be difficult and never, never to be boring.

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Bergman Oral Care is pleased to announce that it has reached a definitive agreement with COPIDENT of Guadalajara, Mexico to become Bergman's primary distributor for FlossBrite products to the professional and retail channels in Mexico.

FlossBrite is serious flossing with fun-loving style. FlossBrite will add color and innovation never before seen on the sterile white floss shelves of retailers. We expect that serious flossers, reluctant flossers, and thrill seekers alike, will search the shelves for FlossBrite.

—as told to Matt Coker


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