Ask a Mexican Contest Time!

narnews.gifQuestion: Which Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright recently mailed me a book with the note, "All the Best"? The only hint: The book sent by the laureate was Raul Morín's Among the Valiant: Mexican-Americans in World War II and Korea, which is in the same vein of macho swagger for which the Pulitzer Prize present-giver is famous. The first person to post the correct name of the playwright here, PLUS the name of the WWII hero mentioned in Morin's book whose life story was given the Charlton Heston treatment (i.e., someone slapped on the brownface to portray the chap in a film bio)* gets a free autographed copy of my ¡Ask a Mexican! book!

*Sorry for the second requirement, cabrones, but I don't want some wiseass to just post ALL of the Pulitzer Prize winners and claim the prize. Hint for the second requirement: The hero spoke Japanese!


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