As the Crystal Cathedral Teeters on its Last Lifeline, Sheila Schuller Coleman Goes on 11-Day Cruise in Greece

Here's one way to deal with the fact that your iconic megachurch is facing the biggest crisis in its history: Take a vacation.

While the Crystal Cathedral has filed for bankruptcy, senior pastor Sheila Schuller Coleman is off on a 11-day cruise to Greece.

Promo for Crystal Cathedral cruise
Promo for Crystal Cathedral cruise

On Sunday, Schuller Coleman wrote on her Facebook page:

"Flying out to Greece, Turkey and Germany. My hubbie is holding down the home front, but I have no idea how often I will be able to respond to all of you here for the next 3 weeks. Remember--God loves you and so do I!"

So that's how it is. On Sunday morning, Schuller Coleman stood with her father, Crystal Cathedral founder Rev. Robert H. Schuller, in the all-glass church, asking parishioners for help in overcoming their tens of millions in debt. Hours later, she's cruising away on the Footsteps of the Apostles Tour, a church-hosted vacation with a price tag of $3,368 per person.

Bankruptcy, schmankruptcy. Where's the all-you-can-eat-shrimp cocktail?


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