Curley: Likes Mickey Mouse
Curley: Likes Mickey Mouse
OC Register publicity photo

As His Reporters Prepare for Layoffs, OC Register Editor Rob Curley Goes to the Ballpark

Orange County Register editor Rob Curley has never been popular in the newsroom, but he's less so this week, as the paper prepares for buyouts and layoffs that might reduce them by 100. But Curley is causing an uproar among reporters right now for fiddling while Rome burns--scratch that, for going to the ballpark and having a gay old time while his reporters float in agonizing limbo.

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Yesterday, he was at an Angels game, according to his Twitter account:

Before that, the Padres:

Now, it might be that Curley's way of dealing with the pain of running a modern-day newspaper is baseball--every editor has their crutch (mine is alcohol and Grand Theft Auto V). But the move is not endearing Curley to his reporters.

"As his staff worries about their next paychecks, he tweeted out that he's taking in the Angel game tonight," wrote one Regger, who requested anonymity. "Why he would tweet that, I don't know. Seems cold to me."

Another was less civil. "Not surprising, considering he's a damn moron."

Stay tuned...

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