R.C. Hoiles
R.C. Hoiles

As Goes the R.C. Hoiles Family's Freedom Communications, So Goes FreedomPolitics.com

The guiding philosophy of FreedomPolitics.com "was developed by Raymond Cyrus Hoiles, founder of what is today the nation's 12th largest media company, Freedom Communications Inc., based in Irvine," reads the liberty lovun political site. But the family of the late R.C. Hoiles abandoned the media company, and now a Boston investor owns the former flagship Orange County Register.

FreedomPolitics.com is going bye-bye, too.

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Kyle Infante's "Dear John" post--hat tip to The Liberal OC--is short and sweet:

Thank you and goodnight
By Kyle Infante

Uh, that's it, as brevity is obviously the stock and trade of small "l" libertarians, at least when they aren't ranting about free trade, property rights and taxpayer-supported schools.

FreedomPolitics.com launched on Jan. 20, 2009.

You're welcome and goodnight back atcha.

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