As for chicken broth spinning doll head bathtub dragster, I defer to your greater knowledge

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Instead of spending millions trying to buy his son's freedom, Don Haidl should buy a book about abortion. His son is a good example of why it should be legal. Better luck next life, Don.


Just wanted to thank you all, R. Scott Moxley in particular, on a spectacular job of reporting on the Haidl affair. You have done something outstanding for rape victims everywhere in acknowledging the victim's experience and thoroughly exploring all the links in the massive arsenal of power that's been constructed to condemn her.



I just wanted to clear something up about libertarians. In Rebecca Schoenkopf's "A Mob of One" [March 18], she made it appear as if libertarians are heartless assholes who don't believe in helping out the less fortunate. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Libertarians believe that the federal and state government shouldn't be in charge of helping the less fortunate because the federal and state governments are corrupt. Instead, local organizations such as churches, local charities and local governments should be the groups responsible for helping those who are in need. Generally speaking, libertarians believe that smaller organizations are less likely to be corrupt because they actually know and work with the people they are helping. The libertarian you were speaking with at that baby shower must be some kind of moron, as he certainly doesn't represent what real libertarians believe. Just like you socialists, we want to help others, but we have differing views as to how to do it. I hope you can respect that.


In a recent column, Rebecca Schoenkopf described "a libertarian asshole who doesn't believe in . . . immigration." Just FYI, libertarians generally favor a liberal immigration policy. This is from the Libertarian Party platform: "We call for the elimination of all restrictions on immigration, the abolition of the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Border Patrol, and a declaration of full amnesty for all people who have entered the country illegally."


Libertarian asshole?I fear your readers may imply from your dislike of one libertarian's style that you believe ALL libertarians are assholes. Certainly you don't mean that, do you, Rebecca? I thought we were friends (sniff).



The OC Weeklydubs me the best among the most absurd [Letters, March 18]. Sad, but not surprising, that you couldn't see the fact that I used an exaggerated "solution"—shoot everything that moves—to indicate the degree of desperation and betrayal felt by millions of Americans toward our glorious leaders who pretend the most powerful nation in the world can't stop tons of drugs from invading our nation to enslave, deprave and kill our youngsters. I guess no one in your family has walked into the meat grinder of addiction. As for "chicken broth spinning doll head bathtub dragster," I defer to your greater knowledge.



Every week, I rush to read Steve Lowery's Diary of a Mad County, and every week, I think, "He'll never be able to top this." And then he does. But I wonder if he'll ever be able to top this week's column [March 25]. The line about the Kennedy museum and fat chicks was hilarious, and the whole thing about Dick Cheney eating children at The Orange County Registerwas like something from MadTV.


Why didn't Cheney stop at the Weekly?




After reading Chris Ziegler's article about the Willowz, I can understand why they are Orange County's most-hated band ["Cons and Tricks," March 25]. They complain about not getting their big break and yet have only been at it two years? Hey, kids, some of us have been working hard to make it for two decades. It's called paying your dues. And it appears from the article that you're already ahead of most of us. So thank your lucky stars, get back to work and stop whining.



I wanted to say thank you to Gustavo Arellano for including an Excel spreadsheet of all the names of pedophile priests and the parishes they were assigned to and the years they were there. I went through the list, searching for my parish until I found it. It sickens me that I took holy bread from the hands of a pedophile. I haven't been to Mass in more than four years because of this scandal, and I doubt I will ever go back to being a Catholic.


Gustavo, I read your article on the Caravana Chicken place, and halfway through it, I was like, "I am actually reading an article on food and enjoying it" [This Hole-in-the-Wall Life, March 11]. If my vegetarian girlfriend would let me eat beef heart, I would have rushed out to this place as soon as I finished the article. Well, just wanted to pass on the "keep it up" and suggest maybe a vegetarian place for one of your next articles so I can get excited about a place I can actually eat at.


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