As Brightwater Builder Reels, Bolsa Chica Preservationists Keep Up the Pressure

Picketers plan to be out at Warner Avenue and Bolsa Chica Road in Huntington Beach from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. today to protest existing and planned residences on the Bolsa Chica mesa.

While one developer of unsold homes and un-built lots on the land considered sacred by American Indians and overlooking the ecologically sensitive Bolsa Chica wetlands deals with what could be a fatal financial blow, opponents have decided now is the time to keep up the pressure.
Indeed, demonstrations are planned the first Saturday of every month, the exception being this Oct. 2, when the annual Ancestor Walk organized by local members of the Juaneno tribe is scheduled.

The yearly walk stops at many plots where many Juaneno remains have been found over the years, including Bolsa Chica, where many descendants believe mass graves exist. Sadly, some of these sacred grounds are now covered with homes built in the past two or three decades.

Before the Ancestor Walk, those pushing to preserve Bolsa Chica plan to attend the Sept. 16 California Coastal Commission meeting, where more home building on the mesa is scheduled to be discussed.

"Your prayers will be appreciated if you are not able to join us," local Juaneno Susan Salas writes in an email to supporters.

Speaking of writing and Juaneno supporters, check out what Doug Korthof has written below about California Coastal Communities, developer of the Brightwater and Hearthside Homes projects at Bolsa Chica, failing to secure financing intended to pluck the company out of banruptcy.

(You may know Korthof from such past environmental movements as the battle to keep electric cars on California roads, the battle against the Poseidon desalination plant in Huntington Beach and the battle to save the Ballona wetlands.)

Take it away, Doug:

Supposedly the "housing crisis" that Huntington Beach staff said made it "imperative" to build on the mesa turns out to have been just a GREED BUBBLE in a bunch of lying speculative developers and bribed HB council members.

Little known fact: the developer is BANKRUPT, filed for Ch. 11 bankruptcy protection because they can't pay their debts or meet their obligations. Unless they can find an "exit plan", which involves MONEY, they might be dissolved: what they deserve.

This does NOT mean that the danger is over; it just means that the developer is even more desperate and depraved, now that it's out of money and out of time.

The best bet would be to "undevelop" the Mesa, tear down the few idiotic houses and streets that were imposed on this beautiful hillock--yet the bribed, lying HB city council actually approved MORE houses to be built in addition to the bankrupt development that already is unwanted and unneeded!

More destruction to no purpose??

Did anyone tell HB that Brightwater ("California Coastal") is BANKRUPT??

So the guarantor of any Brightwater bonds will have to bear the loss; similarly, the same fate awaits the "POSEIDON SCAM" floating hundreds of millions of bonds for a white elephant that will never run profitably. The bonds must be repaid by banks, by the government, or by insurance companies who spread the losses to the rest of us--while the wealth showers down on the corrupt developers, long gone to the next scheme by the time the bills come due.

Karmatic law, loosely defined, assumes that there's a proper order in the world; when this natural law is violated, there's a sort of spring-back, a force pushing back to reassert the proper world order ("justice", if you will). This sort of thinking is basic to human nature, the hubritic person is destined for a fall, the over-lucky man is "bankin on a spankin", pride goeth before a fall...those who violate the proper order of things may become victims of that order reasserting its dominion.

In this case, the greedy developers of Bolsa Chica, like those who desecrated Ballona, came to no good end; the only beneficiaries were the bribed officials, and maybe that blood money didn't do them any good either. Well, not all of those who reach above their station are punished (by the gods, as it were); look at Bill Gates...although don't judge a life until it's a legacy.


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