Artwalking on Water: Are Prophets Healing People in Downtown Santa Ana?

A revival could be breaking out in downtown Santa Ana, and we're not talking a Mexi-mullet comeback.

Nope, the good folks at Blessed International Fellowship in Anaheim are heralding the gospel and healing in the name of Jesus during the monthly Artwalk. Don't believe us? Check out the testimony of two disciples after the jump...

The first clip is of Irene, who recently offered spiritual readings to the pinche pagans. She explains that a spiritual reading is where God tells her stuff about people. 

One girl told Irene that she had a recurring dream of a big snake, and that in the dream, she "cuts it off."

God's word, through the prophetess? There is a stronghold in the girl's life--maybe an addiction--and God was going to cut it off in the name of Jesus.

She also informed the girl's boyfriend that she saw he was a failure at everything in life, but God was going to make him a success.

(Cyncism pause: It's funny how modern Christians almost always have positive prophecies about people, yet there are examples throughout the Bible where prophets pretty much told folks bad shit was about to go down. 

Jesus prophesied His own tortuous death, and told the Apostle Peter that when he
grew old, he would be led away to die. (Historians suggest that Peter himself was crucified upside down.) A prophet named Agabus told the Apostle Paul that the Jews would lead him away and hand him over to the Gentiles.

I've yet to hear a Christian prophet today say, "Hey Skylar, you need to know Jesus and all, but that said, He just showed me that you're life's still gonna go to shit and you will die a painful and embarrassing death.")

Irene then prayed for a group of friends who received Jesus as savior, and also healed a couple of injuries, in the name of the Holy Spirit.

The second clip is from Annie, who healed a guy's swollen throat. He apparently smoked a lot of weed. But when he took a toke of the Holy Ghost, the swelling subsided. 

Next stop, Children's Hospital of Orange County, right? Right?

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