Artists Village Hears Beefed-Up Security Plea

Remember that recent Santa Ana Artists Village murder, the one that drew a plea from Gustavo to beef up security there at night?

Merchants association Downtown Inc. has quietly offered security escorts--on foot, by bike or in car at practically any hour of the day or night--to visitors of downtown bars, shops, art galleries and restaurants.

"We really just want people to feel safe," Vicky Baxter, Downtown Inc.'s executive director, tells the Orange County Register. "It doesn't matter what we do down here if it isn't safe."

Downtown Inc. is merely extending to patrons a free service it has always provided downtown workers under the village's security budget.

Here's what The Mexican wrote the morning after Jeffrey Lee Chung was murdered:

[W]e implore the people who hire the security guards again: have them on patrol sunset-to-sunrise, and only then. Those businesses have spent so much time and money convincing the rest of Orange County that their district isn't like the rest of SanTana supposedly is--it's a shame to see those efforts get severely hurt with Chung's murder, a reminder eternal vigilance should at least happen in the witching hours, not so much when the sun hangs high.

Sounds like someone was listening.


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