Art Pedroza to Run for Santa Ana School Board, OC Chattering Classes To Go Nuts

Orange Juice! founder Art Pedroza is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit in federal court, foreclosure proceedings on his home, and has bizarrely been on the warpath against a friend of mine as of recent. But Orange County's most hilariously libelous blogger is taking all of this in stride and has filed papers to run for a spot on the SanTana Unified School District Board of Trustees.

Given that Democratic and Republican bigwigs (real and imagined) united in 2008 to publish a anti-Pedroza flier in 2008 in his failed SanTana City Council run (and this was before Pedroza jokingly, stupidly linked the NAMBLA website to a URL associated with a Liberal OC writer), we can only imagine the dirty tricks that will arise. Fun times! His reasoning after the jump!

Actually, there's little reasoning in a press release Pedroza put out last night--mostly just a bio of himself. But his platform is a mix of conservative and Aztlanista tendencies--term limits, area-specific board elections, and (most interestingly), "allowing non-citizen residents to vote in school board elections."

"The SAUSD is top-heavy with highly paid administrators--while teachers can't get supplies and keep getting laid off," Pedroza writes. "We need to make teaching our students a priority and cut back at waste at the District's headquarters."

Will SanTana Mayor-for-Life Don Papi Pulido--whom Pedroza has strangely praised as of recent while blasting his primary opponent, longtime SanTana activist Alfredo Amezcua--send resources Pedroza's way as a thank-you? Will Art's run inspire another campaign mailer organized by his detractors, which seem to increase every month (more than a few have told me told me that Art's actions are caused by psychological problems that run in his family, a low blow given a family tragedy that occurred in his past)? So many questions to come in what's already the most entertaining political race since B-1 Baboso Dornan decided to run against Dana Rohrabacher...


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